Milijana Tesanovic believes a home is more than a place to live–it’s where families come together. She effortlessly puts you at ease, but doesn’t take your decision to buy or sell a home lightly. She takes pride in serving you with compassion, guidance and integrity.

Her career

While working at a bank, Milijana realized her love of assessing people’s needs and helping them achieve their goals. That’s why she started in Real Estate with her sister, Susan in 2003.

Together they make up a well-rounded team that takes on any client, any home, anywhere. Nothing is out of their scope. Whether it’s buying or selling, upgrading or downsizing, assisting with building or out-of-province sales, they will take care of you. In fact, they would love to.

Her success

  • She has gained a loyal client base, and her business is 100% referral-based
  • She has earned the Re/Max 100% Club and Hall of Fame Awards
  • She creates life-long connections with her clients and their families

Her life

  • A mother, sister, daughter, friend
  • An avid skiier
  • A yoga enthusiast