Selling your home?

The choice to sell, and the selling process can be tough.  We can help. We will evaluate your home and work to ensure your sale is timley and profitable.

Factors that affect market value


  • availability of community amenities (public transportation, parks, stores, churches and schools)
  • quality and consistency of neighbourhood planning
  • future development plans and zoning


  • style, layout, size, age and quality of construction of the building
  • size, shape, privacy and landscaping of the yard

Condition of the home:

  • first appearance
  • floor layout
  • quality and appearance of fixtures
  • general overall condition of main systems (roof, furnace, electrical system, central air…)

Comparable properties:

  • the asking and selling prices of comparable neighbouring homes
  • Comparative Market Analysis, prepared by your REALTORS®, will give you a detailed and accurate overview of the current market.

 Market conditions and the economy:

  • number of homes currently on the market
  • number of people looking to buy
  • the state of the local and national economy
  • current mortgage rates

How REALTORS® help:

Good REALTORS® spend a lot of time and energy to stay abreast of the always changing market conditions. When you work with a professional Realtor who understands your needs, time frame and the constantly changing supply and demand, you will achieve your goal: the highest price for your home, with the least amount of inconvenience.

Free market evaluation:

We would be pleased to provide you with a FREE, no obligation evaluation of your home.